Process and System Analyses

The search for approaches and potentials for the optimization requires an analysis of all processes in the company from an IT-perspective. Also existing IT-systems are included and they are investigated for the best possible support for these processes.
A documentation of the results is done.

Consulting and expert opinions

A consultation considers the business strategy and the processes as well as the applications used and the existing IT-infrastructure. The independence from certain technologies, vendors and suppliers allows an unbiased judgment.
Thus, the major focus is only on the benefit to you as a customer.

IT Strategy

As part of your corporate strategy, the development of the IT-strategy of the company is focused on ensuring business growth and efficient business operations.
It involves the application strategy, infrastructure strategy, sourcing strategy, innovation strategy and investment strategy.

Project Management

During the planning, managing and controlling of IT-projects, a practical approach is particularly followed. A concentration on the essentials makes projects more manageable.
The activities are basically divided into four stages: project definition, project planning, project execution and project control (final realization).

Installation, Customization and Support

Your company gets support in introducing new IT-solutions, in the adjustment of hardware and software to meet the business needs, in ensuring the effective operation of IT as well as in solving very specific problems.

Software Development

Your IT-solution is tailored with its own programming of system software, interfaces, customizations and small applications. Documentation and introduction into practice are part of the development. Particular emphasis is placed on the ease of use.

Education and Training

The skills and abilities of people are very important when using hardware and software. Here you are supported in the training of management and staff.